Posted on September 16, 2021

About B.Adore Monogram

Today, monogram is not only a brand heritage but also a seal for the luxury and style of those who wear and own a monogrammed collection. Through years of interpretation and reimagining, a new chapter finally unfolds. Introducing the beginning of a new era – B.Adore Monogram.

This monogram is more than just a recognisable stamp or a visual identification. It is a classy identity with a touch of luxury and individuality. More than just an initial, this monogram carries important message with it.

B.Adore Monogram contains the letter B that are flipped next to one another, giving the impression of a linked connection between past and future. It holds the brand’s original principles while striving for a better future development.

Rooted firmly in the past, always beckon for new reimagining in the future.