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Buying Women’s Cross-body Bags (Sling Bags) in Malaysia

Has it ever crossed your mind, what do you want to wear as a stylish outfit? Or you just couldn’t find the right bag to wear? Maybe you are looking for a universal solution, which is also a trendy one? Or you are a practical thinker and just want to bring with yourself the most important belongings for the day? Well, look no further! B.Adore can offer you great variations of cross-body bags - you will find yours in no time! After all, it is from quality and craftsmanship that these bags will remain the same years and years later and look as if they were held by their owner for the first time.
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Cross-body bags

Many ladies prefer the not-so-ordinary, elegant-looking bags that result in a unique overall look with tailored garments. Also known as a sling bag, the cross-body bag shows in its name how to wear it: it has a string that runs over one of your shoulders, and the bag is hanging right above your waist or hips based on the string’s length. Its wearer shows that she keeps every important thing in one small place and focuses on the usefulness and practical side of life. A great choice for everyday chores, for a long walk or a festival - the options are limitless!


The bag is an indispensable accessory for ladies. In modern times there is a lot of chaos in it, as a woman carries all her life in it - but where does this behavior come from? As discussed earlier, the small bags were worn over the upper body in the 16th century. It is understandable: it was easier to put it down during resting time, and on the shoulder, its bearer can carry a bit heavier properties. However, 200 years ago, if a woman was adorned with a bag, it was at least as shocking as if her panties were visible: it was just not stylish to show anyone as a proper lady what they need - their belongings (if they had any) were not meant to be shown to anyone outside their household. As the opportunities opened up, traveling by train or boat has skyrocketed the market for travel accessories: suitcases, clothing boxes, hat- and shoeboxes, and leather handbags have become fashionable. As we can see, these small bags transformed based on the century’s trends and fashion. Later, as women gained rights, it also meant that they had to style their look related to their social status and their everyday life, and the outfit showed their independence as well. During the second part of the 20th century, Western-European and North-American fashion trends controlled global dress codes - the varieties have exponentially grown for everyone! In addition to the clothes featured on the runways, these highly desirable accessories were mostly in second place - but during some successful campaigns in the 2010 area, the bag trend was reborn. The message was clear: there was no need for clothes anymore, it was all about the bags. Today, based on our style and earnings we can choose from many options - thanks to globalization, we can even order our women’s sling bags from the other side of the world, and in a month we can represent ourselves with the trendy and chic look!

How to choose your bag

A well-chosen bag can be a pivotal point in our look, so let’s think about what type and color we choose. We can wear a cross-body bag for a wide variety of outfits, so you need to carefully consider which one to choose. First, let’s have a base bag, a neutral color that goes with everything. The best fit is made of black and brown bags - an excellent example is in the Amey Collection >or the Corres Collection of B.Adore. In winter, a brightly colored bag can be a great contrast to black and gray clothes, according to our chosen color type: Amey and Badore Collections also gives us quite some options to decide from. We can fit the correctly chosen piece into our wardrobe even in summer.

Style and type

Today we have many different options to select our wardrobe clothes and accessories from. If you want to wear a sporty outfit and jeans for everyday chores, but you do not need to bring much stuff, then a cross-body bag or sling bags in Malaysia is an excellent choice. Take a look at Bezz Collection as an example. If you are a fan of camouflage or checkered patterns, Bezz gives you this experience as well! When you are an outgoing person and you just like to put everything in one place, then a closure bag is meant for you! The Dover Collection has great variations for this type, furthermore, they have two straps that you can switch based on your style: a strong and wide leather one, or a sophisticated chain. The Cadence Collection can also give you an organized but colorful look - this kind of cross-body bag has two containers while giving you enough space to bring bigger necessities with you during the day. If you are someone who loves to pack organized, then a cross-bag would be a wonderful choice from the Carla Collection: this one functions not just as a bag, but as a wallet as well, furthermore, you can transform it into a clutch or a shoulder bag, based on your current mood, needs, and style.

Daily outfit

When buying a bag for everyday wear, the choice is determined by the practical stackability and load capacity. Therefore, choose a bag made of thicker leather, with strong handles and several compartments for everyday use. When buying a bag made of lightweight, fine thin leather, but is large in size, we have to take the risk that this is not necessarily intended to be worn for “twenty-four hours” and the design of the shoulder strap will not withstand constant overload. If you are someone who loves to pack organized, then a bigger cross-bag for women would be a wonderful choice from the Eelis Collection: not just they have magnetic closure on the front and two compartments with zipper closure, these also have two kinds of straps, a colorful leather one and a classic chain one - so you can variate your look based on your look. In case you love to attend festivals, it is great to have a bag that will experience all the events with you. Wynie 2.0. Collection is chill and trendy, furthermore supports you with a back-zipper for your credit card or cash.

Women’s sling bags for different occasion

It is important to differentiate bags according to their function, as we carry other things for travel, work, business meetings, or everyday wear, and again something else for theater, evening, wedding. The working woman's wardrobe usually comes with two bags: a larger one (for a bag of documents) in which she carries work-requirements, and a smaller one for her personal belongings. A cross-body bag, based on its size can cover us in any situation: a smaller one is perfect for a formal event or just for a night out with our friends. It can be a great choice even for short travelings or during a sightseeing tour -Cadence Collection is an option as a modern accessory, but for practical choice, the Faye Collection is your best friend. What can you do, when you are a travel blogger or like to transform your outfit during the day, or you just have a short period to switch from tour-outfit to dinner look? Nonetheless, you are also a fan of backpacks and cross-body bags? The Rylee Collection supports you. This kind of bag has a modern fashion look, gives you enough space for packing - even a personal camera can fit in with your other belongings! If you are going to have a formal business lunch or you are meeting with your boyfriend’s parents at a restaurant for dinner, you can also wear your cross-body bag as a shoulder bag. This case takes up little space, so you can hang it on the armrest of the chair and, depending on its design, carry even larger but folded documents in it. Coles Collection can uplift your outfit game: a stylish-urban, yet formal appearance goes along great with it! Depending on the level of formality, you don’t have to choose from dark tones only, you can also wear white, a beige or a blue bag, or your favorite shade.Corris and Carla Collections can give you a simple but perfect solution: they function as ridicule but give you enough space to move while wearing it crossed over your shoulder. B.Adore is a great choice: they ship internationally, and their products will be delivered really fast to your door-step.