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The Always Practical Women's Wallet

The women’s wallet or known as purse is an indispensable inhabitant of women’s bags. When you leave home, there are three things you’re sure to run through at least once to see if you’ve put it away; your key, wallet, and phone.
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A little wallet history

The word wallet was originally used to describe things that could be transported. The wallets were initially small holders containing metal coins and then paper money. With the continuous development of fashion and the change of habits, women’s wallet fashion has also changed. From the ’50s, as credit cards appeared, wallets also got a completely different look. They also had to be made suitable for storing different cards, so models with multiple containers and cardholders were born. Just as the sizes of mobile phones have been reduced compared to the first models (although nowadays size starts to increase again), so have the sizes of wallets. More and more people are looking for a piece that is small in size, meaning it easily fits in pockets and doesn’t take up much space in women’s bags, but it does have a lot of packing options nonetheless. Today it is not clear whether ladies’ purses are more as a necessity or fashion, as everyone chooses according to their preferences: whether they only want to use it for storing cash or storing other personal documents or even photos.

Wallet for women - choosing the one

Among women’s wallet shopping considerations, fashion and practicality are the two most important considerations, but there are many other factors to consider. The most practical aspect of choosing a wallet is how much we plan to bring with us of the following:
  • Paper money
  • Coins
  • Cards
  • Other documents
Most people know exactly what the ideal wallet is for them. There are those who keep size in mind, some who care about the number of containers or the shape of the wallet, and who tend to play a prominent role in the choice. When shopping, it is also worth paying attention to the material of the wallet, as the best quality and most durable pieces made of leather. This is also true for shoes and bags, it’s always worth investing in a more expensive model that pays off later anyway, as it will remain our loyal companion for years to come. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what piece we take out when we pay in a store; sophisticated leather wallets lend quality and elegant look. Many users not simply keep cash in their wallets, but also keep their personal documents such as ID cards, driving licenses, and other identification documents, and even bank or credit cards there. Moreover, many people like to carry photos with them in their wallets. If you want to store the above-mentioned things in your wallet, be sure to choose a piece that has several cardholders and containers. Those who have a lot of credit cards and discount cards, a larger leather women’s wallet is recommended. These are available in a wide variety of layouts and designs. One of the most popular among them is the so-called ‘circular-zipped’ model that is extremely easy and practical to use, it can be closed in one go. Make sure that the type of zipper is metal or plastic with thick teeth. So the ideal wallet is different for everyone: the key is to match your ideas and be able to find the features you expect from the product. However, you have to reckon with the fact that a cheaper piece can get the zipper stuck or even tear easily, which can be very inconvenient if it happens during purchase and everyone at the checkout is just waiting to fight our fight with the stuck zipper. However, this case certainly can’t happen with a B.Adore wallet for women. Inside each model, there are several cardholders as well as small and paper money holders. The pieces made of high quality and pleasant to the touch material are guaranteed to be permanent residents of women’s bags for years to come.

Cardholder - is that necessary?

A very important aspect is the number of credit cards and loyalty cards entitling to purchase with discounts. If you have an above-average amount of these, feel free to choose a cardholder next to your women’s wallet. Manufacturers and distributors now pay great attention to being able to offer cardholders of the same type of leather and the same color in addition to the wallets.

Colors and trends

The most sought color is red. This is perhaps due to the view that “red brings money”. The red wallet attracts money because the color red is a symbol of wealth. Superstition says the effect is amplified by the fact that the wallet is made of leather. In Feng Shui, for example, red is the color of fame, success, and abundance. So don't hesitate to get a red leather wallet with a magical effect on! Exclusive brands usually offer purses in black and brown leathers and, of course, in different shades of red, providing the widest range of models. It has been a fashion trend for 4-5 years to use women's wallets with patent leather. This fashion trend is still dominant. When the first patent leather women's wallets appeared, the surface of the models was made of shiny cowhide. Currently, these lacquer skins are made with a lot of designs, with leaf, flower patterns, and a completely smooth glossy surface. Currently, there is a fashion trend of women’s wallets to be bi-colored or multicolored as well. The outer surface of these products is made of leather (or leathers) of the same color with different colors on the inside. Some other pieces offer two different colors on their outside. For example, several brands produce products in which colored leather profiles are sewn on the outer surface of the models in advance. In other models, the surface of the outer leather is decorated with colored thread and machine embroidery. Check out the newest trends on and shop women’s wallets online.