B.Adore Extended Warranty Plan (For VIP only)

VIP may purchase this at promotional price RM99.90 only


All B.Adore products come with a complimentary THREE (3) months warranty of repair and maintenance*

To extend the warranty coverage further, you may now purchase the B.Adore Extended Warranty Plan:

  • Extra nine (9) months of warranty from the date of purchase, total ONE (1) YEAR of guaranteed warranty
  • VIP extended warranty work on one-to-all basis: ONE (1) warranty plan is applicable to ALL B.Adore Bag/ Wallet Collection purchased within the warranty period (365 days)
  • Extended warranty void immediately when product presents signs of excessive use due to wear and tear or intentional destructions
  • With purchase of this Extended Warranty Plan, you are eligible to trade in your B.Adore Collection to get 50% off** on the new item once within 1 year frame (Bag – Bag/ Wallet; Wallet – Wallet)

Extended Warranty Plan comes with:

  • ONE (1) set of B.Adore Cleaning Kits (6 units of stain remover wipes and 6 units of leather care wipes)
  • ONE (1) complimentary pick up and delivery by B.Adore
  • ONE (1) complimentary repair for any zipper issue
  • THREE (3) complimentary repair or replacements for B.Adore hardware, included but not limited to edge glue, zipper tag, ring, shoulder strap hardware, logo hardware


  • *The warranty covers production faults but does not include wear and tear
  • **Applicable to purchase of Extended Warranty Plan after 3 months
  • Extended warranty plan is only applicable for new units purchased on and after 7 December 2022
  • Extended warranty plan is non-transferrable, non-exchangeable and no cash refund will be issued
  • Each B.Adore Bag/ Wallet Collection is entitled to two times of complimentary repair and maintenance services
  • B.Adore do not accept any warranty claim if the product presents signs of an excessive or bad usage
  • B.Adore reserves the right to alter, cancel, terminate or suspend the order or any part thereof or any part of the applicable terms and conditions from time to time, with or without any prior notice

T&Cs apply, for more information, kindly contact our Customer Service Personnel



  • 从购买之日起,额外增加九(9)个月的保修期,总共一(1)年的保证保修
  • 延长保修的工作是一对多的。一(1)个保修计划可以适用于 任何 一年内购买的B.Adore包包系列 或 皮夹系列
  • 若产品因磨损或故意破坏而出现过度使用的迹象时,延长保修立即失效
  • 有加购warranty的客人,一年内可以以50%的价格兑换一个新商品(包包 可兑换 包包/皮夹;皮夹 可兑换 皮夹)

延长保修计划包括 :

  • 一(1)套B.Adore清洁套装(6片清洁棉片和6片抛光棉片)
  • 一(1)次由B.Adore在收件人的地址免费取货与寄出
  • 一(1)次免费维修任何拉链问题
  • 三(3)次免费维修或更换B.Adore的硬件,包括但不限于边缘胶水、拉链牌子、包包开口圈、肩带硬件、标志硬件

提醒 :

  • 保修包括使用时生产故障,但不包括磨损
  • 延长保修计划只适用于2022年12月7日 及 以后购买的新商品
  • 延长保修计划是不可转让、不可更换的,也不能够现金退款
  • 如果产品出现过度或不良使用的迹象,B.Adore不接受任何保修索赔
  • B.Adore有权在事先通知或不通知的情况下,随时改变、取消、终止或暂停订单或其中的任何部分或适用的条款和条件的任何部分