Bean and Beanië Plush Toy Couple Collection

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Bean and Beanië have a vibrant and joyful personality that will brighten your days. Kids and adults adore teddy. It reminds us of the times when we were emotionally devoted to our stuffed toys as they offered a sense of security and possession. When we were children, we used to cuddle and snuggle with our stuffed toys. During childhood, teddy serves as transitional object that facilitates the child’s transition from dependence to independence. We had no alternative but to stop carrying stuffed toys with us as we grew older. Our bags will be the closest companion we can have for the day. It provides a sense of belongings, functionality, and style.

Bean and Beanië are here in the past, present, and future to be your closest friends and provide a sense of belonging and comfort.

Measurement: 25.0cm (Height)


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