Bean Beanië x Adelais 1X Boobs Up Nubra


1x Boobs Up: A-D Cup (0.8cm)

  • Thick Padded Nubra (0.8 cm) with a gentle incline and a unique curve edge.
  • It is designed with an extra thick layer to ensure the stability of nubra and wear to be as close as human skin. Nubra is designed to complement a bare-back outfit or a bridal gown.

Product Care

  • Hand wash Nubra with some washing liquid.
  • Wash off all the bubble with water
  • Do not use any towel or tissue to dry it up, while just hang it on fold by using hanger.
  • Put the plastic layer back to your nub once it is fully dry and keep into the metal box nicely.



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