Focus On The Good Canvas Tote GREEN

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This roomy portrait-sized tote bag is crafted from cotton canvas for the purpose of reusable and environmental-friendly. It serves to carry-all essentials with ease, especially during those busy days for classes, exercise, groceries shopping and/or running errands. As there is a growing movement for consumers to purchase and bring their own reusable bags to store, canvas tote bag has become an ideal carry-on for all.

  • Landscape size
  • Measurement: 50.0cm (Length) x 32.0cm (Height)
  • Material: Canvas linen


  • Please note that the natural colour of this canvas tote bag is used, with no bleaching or dyeing
  • The colour therefore varies depending on the raw material
  • Colouration that looks like staining may found in light-coloured section
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1 review for Focus On The Good Canvas Tote GREEN

  1. weifun1018 (verified owner)

    这款绿色很漂亮 字是刺绣的很喜欢 帆布袋很实用 大推~

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