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Guide to Women’s Bags Types

We create bags for womensince 2013, and we know how hard it is to choose the right one when you leave home. Matching the outfit, thinking about the ever-changing weather, what to bring with you that fits in… these questions come up while we are getting dressed and prepare for our next couple of hours. So we decided to share our tips on how to choose the right handbag for different occasion.

Before we can get to the tips, let’s check out the types of women’s bags!

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Also known as bracelet bag. Wristlets are small in size, as their original function was a purse. Later women began to be worn as small bags. They are characterized by a metal buckle on the cover, most of which have a wrist strap. With this wear, our hands are left free. A recommended style mostly for parties, and casual events.


Also known as an envelope bag. Though being elegant, small bags’ style can vary: there are shiny, luxurious-looking pieces, and there are quite simple, refined bags as well. There is little to fit in these bags so we tend to use the clutch for most special occasions, such as the more elegant types (theatre, corporate parties, and balls). They are characterized by being flat and usually have no straps, they need to be held in our hands, however, some pieces come with a detachable shoulder strap.

Tote bag

Also known as the “carrying” bag. It’s the kind of women’s bag that’s more of a muzzle style, and literally everything fits in it. The biggest disadvantage of the tote bags is that you can’t really keep order in it. Therefore, it is recommended to get a bag organizer for this type to help with the situation. Originally functioned as a shopping bag, it features a large size and two handles. Casual working model.

Sling bag

A shoulder bag that looks like a sling. It is a smaller bag with a long shoulder strap, which is typically made of chains. The sling bag can hold only the most necessary items. Elegant, casual piece – a great choice if you are attending a wedding party, but also a great accessory to a blouse-jeans combination for an elegant or a sporty event as a guest.

Shoulder bag

It is a classic! A bit like the tote bag mentioned above but still different in a way. There is a lot of space between the shoulder strap and the bag, so anyone can comfortably carry the bag on their shoulders. Usually medium to large in size. Shoulder bag can also carry a heavier weight, so it’s the perfect choice for someone who loves packing their bag full (wink-wink). We recommend it for most casual use.


Satchel can be smaller or larger in size. Its main feature is its rigid bottom and two hardened pliers. Due to the rigid bottom of these bags, they stand firm. Its inside is also bolder, so it can comfortably hold a book or a smaller laptop. If you love to organize or just easier for you to know what you have packed – and where – then it is a must-have. Really pretty, elegant pieces.

Bucket bag

This type of women’s bags was a huge favourite in the spring and summer of 2015 and since then designers and manufacturers come up with better and better bucket bags. They are great accessories for our everyday life, they can be packed full, as they are not divided on the inside. Closing the main section works like a gym bag, so it’s worth noting whether we’ve closed the bag well to avoid any accidents. You may want to choose a bag that has some extra closure that keeps your properties secure.


It’s the most well-known type of bag for everyone. A couple of years ago, backpack was gaining more and more ground, and not just as school bags. They are available in a myriad of styles, from the very sporty to really stylish models, and from the smaller sizes to the real big ones. Among fashion backpacks, everyone can find a piece that fits their own look. It is practical to wear them because our hands remain free, so we can easily travel across the city.

Waist bag

This kind is an ever-trending piece, and not just for teenagers! Waist bag is great as a belt with shorts or with jeans, but you can wear it on your hips or cross over your shoulder – it is your choice to design it. This type of bags for women are comfortable to wear and the most important things have a place in it: a phone, a notecase or a smaller purse with some tissues and your favourite lip balm.

Women’s Bags Tips for Different Occasions

Tip #1 – Large bags for day-long programs: B. Adore’s CORA Collection (Black) is big enough to even hug around your laptop, or be the perfect one-bag companion to short term vacations.

Tip #2 – Sling bags with internal containers only: Many pieces come with an internal open space, but what works for modern-day offices might not be the best for your sling bag. Little pockets for the cards, phone, wallet, and sunglasses – the Bezz collection (black) offers you exactly that. Pick it up, when you aim for a long walk.

Tip #3 – The backpack can be trendy too: The Freddy collection backpacks are one of the coolest looking pieces we have ever created. Use this type of women’s bags if you are an urban digital nomad. They are your best option when you need to bring additional clothes to a casual occasion because of the weather.

Tip #4 – Waist bag for festivals: These accessories are starting to become trendy again, only this time they have moved up from your hip to the chest area. If you have tickets to a concert, don’t forget our Marc collection (black) home.

Tip #5 – Small clutch for elegance: We suggest to all of our clients to keep at least one elegant piece in case she attends a theatre play or a ball. The Iora collection is the right fit for the job as it is small with fancy outlooks.

Our extra tip: Matching wallets for the harmonic image. The Aura collection, especially our black coloured wallet fits all of the above occasions well. Check it out on our website!