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Mules, The Shoe Malaysian Women Are Craving…

Mule shoes are a style of shoes that has no back or constraint around one’s foot heel. Mules used to be worn as bedroom slippers until sixteenth-century Europe. Over the years, mules have changed dramatically in their purpose and styles and Malaysian women are showing great interest in mules. They are no longer just shoes that are worn in the bedroom but are acceptable at any time, for any occasion.

Mules resemble slip-on slippers, they are easy to wear and take off, and most importantly, the foot feels comfortable. Mules are not only for women, but men can wear them and look good in them as well. There are casual and formal styles of mules to choose from, to match any occasion you have in mind. Mules go well with almost any outfits and style, from dresses to the simple plain old t-shirt and jeans, you can pair your outfits with mules.

How should mules fit

Your mules should fit in just right, not slipping off while you’re walking. On the other hand, you don’t want them to be too tight-fitting, as it could cause severe discomfort and the friction of your skin against the mules can result in blisters.

Flat mules

Flat mules are probably one of the easiest and most comfortable shoes to wear around. They skip on and off easily, making them the ideal footwear for lazy outings.

Styling flat mules:

  • Wearing skirts and dresses with mules
  • Boyfriend t-shirt with skinny ripped jeans paired with a pair of mules

Heeled mules

Heeled mules are another comfortable choice of footwear, with the block-heel mule being the most popular.

Styling heeled mules:

  • Styling with wide-leg palazzo pants or trousers
  • Midi-skirt, long skirts or knee-length dresses

Wearing mules to work

Mules can be an excellent alternative to your usual work heels when styled correctly. Make

sure to check with your workplace on the dress code to see whether mules are acceptable as footwear.

Tips for wearing mules for work

Stick with neutral colours such as black, navy or tan.

Stay away from heavily embellished mules, such as pom-poms and furry mules, as you don’t want to look unprofessional in your work attire.

Buying mule shoes online in Malaysia

Mules are easy to pair and style, and they are one of the most comfortable footwear out there.

Mules are effortlessly trendy, easy to slip on and off, perfect when you’re in a hurry. Whether you pair mules with skinny ripped jeans, dresses, pants or short, you’ll realise that they’re one of the most versatile types of footwear.

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